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Overhead Cranes | GM Technical Services

GM Technical Services commenced business in December 1995 to provide a supply, maintenance and repair service to the industry.

We specialise in the field of lifting equipment such as Overhead Cranes (Double and Single Girder Overhead Cranes) and carry out load and deflection testing in order to ensure that our clients comply with the requirements of the OHS Act.

Over the past 23 years we have provided our services to numerous companies and have built up a reputation for giving excellent professional service at a competitive price.

Using our knowledge and experience, developed through working relationships with many customers, GM Technical Services provides the ideal solution to maximise your material handling needs.

Our Material Handling Centre has local and national design expertise to install any solution from a single hoist to a fully automated system such as overhead cranes.

GM Technical Services provides the following:

Overhead Cranes Street Cranes
Overhead CranesOverhead cranes come in two variants. Double girder cranes and Single girder cranes. Street CranesGM Technical Services has an agreement with Street Crane Company to bring advanced overhead crane and hoist technology to..


Crane Maintenance & Repairs Munck Crane Spares
Crane Maintenance & RepairsCritical to your crane and hoist operation is service support 24/7. We provide comprehensive support for all your lifting equipment needs. Munck Crane SparesAll Munck Crane parts supplied to our customers are to quality standards. All components are quality and safety tested and inspected before dispatch.


Street Crane Spares Other Crane Spares
Street Crane SparesGM Technical Services ensures all parts supplied to our customers are to quality standards. All components are quality and safety tested.. Other Crane SparesGM Technical Services' Parts and Services ensures all parts supplied to our customers are to quality standards.


Street Wire Rope Hoists Street Chain Hoists
Street Wire Rope HoistsLow headroom hoist construction is standard on all Single Girder ZX cranes. The ZX6 & ZX8 Models are available with 4 gearbox ratio’s. Street Chain HoistsThis new generation of Street Chain Hoist sets the standards for lifting and material handling beyond the millennium.


Lifting Tackle & Rigging Equipment Load Testing
Lifting Tackle & Rigging EquipmentGM Technical Services are suppliers of chain & lever blocks, chain & webbing slings, eye nuts & bolts, horizontal & vertical plate grabs and all rigging gear  and equipment. Load TestingGM Technical Services has many years experience in providing certified load and performance testing services of overhead cranes, jibs, gantries etc.


Yaskawa Drives Hetronic Radio Controls
YaskawaYASKAWA AC Variable Speed drives, the world leader in the manufacturing of AC drives.. HetronicHetronic’s versatile products are designed to perfectly accommodate the various applications for today’s Radio Remote Controls (RRCs), and with..


Binder Brakes
Binder BrakesMS Binder offers a wide range of brakes, that can suit motors from a frame size of 80 through to 180. Both brake and motor can have a protection degree of up to..

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