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Anti-side pull devices

Anti Side Pull Devices

Cranes and hoists are designed for vertical lifts only; this increases safety levels on the floor and reduces time wasted on completing the task and the effort required doing so. Cranes and hoists are able to successfully carry large loads vertically and transport them where they need to be deposited. Anti-side pull devices help to prevent side pulling on cranes and hoists during the transportation process.


Side pulling of loads causes damage to the hook block, rope, rope drum, bearings and the general structure of the hoist or crane- damage to these parts can be very costly. The likelihood of accidents is increased when anti-side pull devices are not in use or when they are not being applied properly. With the installation of the anti-side pulling prevention device the dangerous elements of side-pulling a load are eliminated.


Anti-side pull devices offer various degrees of adjustment to accommodate different angles and to be able to distribute the weight of the load evenly while in transit. They also prevent dragging and damaging the loads. They also help to protect the rope guide, drum and bearing helping to reduce maintenance costs effectively as a result of dragging loads.


Anti-side pull devices help to improve workplace safety; as the rope guide is protected all limits remain operative preventing over winding and unwinding of the rope which causes the load to become distracted and eventually it may fall. This device is available with a timer control panel to allow for isolation of hoisting and across long distances.

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