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Festoon Components

The Festoon system is made up of various components such as the conductor cables and the hoses which help to deliver power and control to mobile equipment in a safe, efficient way that is does not require constant maintenance. The cables can either be flat or round and the hoses are usually hydraulic and pneumatic this allows them to effectively move around and carry out the required tasks.


The C-track festoon system is ideal for indoors and outdoors- they are usually used in damp, dirty environments for moderate workloads and can execute the task well. They also have lubricated and sealed bearings for smooth operation and offer long term reliability. Festoon components are ideal for supporting, protecting, and managing cables.

Below are a few key features of festoon components:

  • Single profile system available for most applications

  • Wide range of flat cables available in various configurations of cores and diameters to suit most requirements

  • Pendant control cables in 8 core, 12 core and 20 core for pendant control of crane / hoist

  • Wide range of cable glands in both electroplated brass and plastic available to combine with various sizes of flat and pendant cables

  • Push button pendants or radio remote controls are available to operate your crane systems effectively.


The C-track festoon systems operate at higher speeds, travel longer distances and can accommodate a heavier weight capacity. This makes them an ideal choice for factory overhead cranes and hoist units; they cost much less to operate than other systems and offer optimal results. These systems are suitable for car wash systems, plating lines, and many other types of moving equipment.


Using the festoon system for your business tasks allows you to connect an endless number of wires for all types of control and power distribution where some may be limited in this respect and this allows you to operate over a longer distance.

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