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Load Liniters

A load limiter is designed to prevent overloading on cranes and hoists. Load limiters were created to release a little more excess belt webbing when a great deal of force is applied to the belt. Usually load limiters are folds sown into the belt webbing, which when major force is applied it will break alerting you that it has reached its limit. When the stitching comes apart the webbing unfolds allowing the belt to extend a bit more; sometimes this is not safe and you shouldn’t use the load limiter in this condition.


Imagine the seat belt of your car; it is essential to always drive wearing one because if something where to happen- an accident- this belt will help to save your life and prevent the car from chucking you out due to impact. A load limiter acts in a similar manner because it also helps to restrict additional weight which could tear or break away and cause injuries to those on the ground.


At GM Tech Services our load limiters are available as pre-calibrated or they can be easily calibrated on site for your convenience. We offer a full range of load limiters available for all capacity cranes and some are fitted with an automatic reset when you reduce the load.


Our load limiters are an essential for your crane or hoist because they protect against overloading the crane or supporting structures- helps you to know the limit for each load. As part of the package a top limit switch can be used to indicate the limit for the load that will prevent any workplace related accidents. This switch is available to be fitted to the load limiter or it can be purchased separately.

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