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Binder Brakes

Electro Hydraulic Thrusters

Electro Hydraulic ThrustersToday electro-hydraulic units, also known as ELHY or ELDRO thruster, are predominantly employed in heavy lifting equipment and conveying equipment. In combination with modern drum and disk brakes they ensure safe and gentle braking.



Binder Brakes & Clutches

binder brakes & clutchesMS Binder offers a wide range of brakes, that can suit motors from a frame size of 80 through to 180. Both brake and motor can have a protection degree of up to IP65. The motors are fitted with brakes which are single disc or multidisc and are all electrically released. Their ‘failsafe’ characteristic engages the brake.


Industrial Disc Brakes

Industrial Disck BrakesUSB and TEXU - Service or emergency stop brakes for container cranes, belt conveyor, bucket wheel excavator.
SHI - Emergency back-up brake on rope drums and conveyors.
SHD - Stopping and holding brake for wind power generators, blowers and turbines.


Binsi Drum Brakes

Binsi Drum BrakesVersatile brake for general industrial applications, steel and material handling cranes and conveyors.




Storm Brakes

Storm BrakesStatic storm brakes for rail mounted cranes to prevent runaway in a storm or power failure.




Electromagnetic Components

Electromagnetic ComponentsSince the beginning of this century, Binder has utilised the power of magnetism for technical progress. Electromagnetic components have been produced for the automotive industry and power transmission markets.



Torque & Tension Control

Torque & Tesion ControlMS Binder offers a range of brakes, clutches and various electronics to suit your individual tension control needs.




Forced Cooling

Forced CoolingMany drive systems demand that electric motors are able to operate on a frequency inverter. At a frequency close to zero, the standard ventilation of an electric motor is insufficient, thus, the electric motors have to be force cooled by way of an external cooling system to prevent the motor from burning out.

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