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HetronicGM Technical Services is proud to announce that we have been appointed as a distributor for Hetronic Radio Controls in Southern Africa.
Hetronic’s versatile products are designed to perfectly accommodate the various applications for today’s Radio Remote Controls (RRCs), and with over 300,000 global installations, our customers immediately benefit from our proven expertise.

Hetronic is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable RRCs to the many different industries around the world. We strive to make your machine operation safer.



Ergo-FThe HETRONIC ERGO-F transmitter is the latest generation of the industry leading ERGO series hand held transmitters featuring 3 different standard configurations and customizable programming, Memory Key technology, a new ergonomic profile and easy remote setup.

Memory Key technology allows the ERGO F to "remember" your settings, lock out unauthorized use and even save settings in spare Memory Key Caps in the event of cap loss or damage.

With the advent of Hetronic's H-Link modem and software, manual setup is history. Remotely access and configure all of your settings using a Pocket PC!

While used primarily with overhead cranes in the industrial market, the versatile ERGO F transmitter is also ideal for applications such as rock crushers, self-erecting tower cranes, boat lifts, mono-rails and more.


Ergo - MFSHLThe HETRONIC ERGO-MFSHL series is designed to serve the short range market of professional radio remote controls. It’s engineered to control a limited number of digital functions without sacrificing safety and reliability.

The ERGO-MFSHL offers high reliability and quality at a competitive price. With several available standards, this lightweight and sturdy transmitter also offers the convenience of fully programmable functions via the Hetronic H-Link software.

MFS technology:
The MFS feature enables up to 20 transmitters to be operated in close proximity while sharing the same frequency. Operators never worry about frequency management.

While used primarily for overhead crane operation, the versatile ERGO-MFSHL transmitter is also ideal for applications such as tower cranes, specialty applications, coil handling.


NovaThe HETRONIC NOVA family of transmitters sets the standard for today's industrial radio remote controls.

The NOVA series impresses with its sturdy but attractive design while no compromises are made in regard to functionality and operator friendliness.

Hetronic offers the NOVA series products pre-engineered and "off-the-shelf" for the most common applications. However, the products are also available as customized solutions.

The ergonomic and lightweight design allows operators to easily access control elements. The joysticks or paddle levers permit a smooth operation of the machine without operator fatigue.

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